Bullet Key Chain

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Perfect Gift or Show Off Item.  Made in USA!

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This bullet key chain has hidden compartment for you to carry emergency money, secret message, pills, or whatever your imagination can think of. I can laser engrave the exotic wood body with name or message as an add option. 

Secret compartment is 3/32" (7.25mm) diameter x 1 3/4" (44mm) long accessed from both ends.

Red Mali Burl wood body, which is sanded to 4000 grit, then coated with 5 coats of medium density CA glue (super glue) then sanded again finally polished with Novous #2.  This means finish will last for a very long long time.

Details of Red Mali Burl:

Red Mali is an Australian wood species with striking reddish heartwood bound by pale sapwood.  Burl is defect in tree where branch doesn't grow through.  It makes for very pleasing and wild grain patterns, which makes burl wood very sought after.

Perfect gift for a hunter or gun enthusiast.