Skull Antique Pewter Twist Pen with Deer Antler Body. Unique only of a kind.

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Handcrafted in Plano, Texas, USA!

Our skull pen sends a strong statement that signifies fearlessness, power, and independence. Whether you're a biker, rocker, rebel, or simply appreciate the dark side of life, you'll instantly identify with this Skull and Bones pen. Not for the faint of heart.

The pen cap features a detailed human skull, complete with red crystal eyes, while a single boney hand grips the center band. The pen clip and tip are embellished with decorative bone accents. . Plus the authentic patina and natural darkening of the Antique Pewter brings out the details of the finish and creates a unique feel with a charm all its own. It will add a sense of warmth to our handmade creation.  

What better way to complement all of above features then Deer Antler body and  Parker® style refill.  Body is sanded to 11000 grit sand paper then finished with 5 coats of medium density (CA) super glue then sanded again and buffed with polish.  I have been using a pen personally with this finish for over a year and it hasn't faded.

This is unique one of a kind pen in terms there is no way to duplicate the antlers grain and body shape.  We don't use templates of CNC machines to make pens.

Only one available because its unique.   We can engrave the pen.